Create your own
personalised photo book

New to creating photo books
or want some top tips on how to
create beautiful books to cherish forever?
We have everything you need to help get you started!
6x4" Layflat booklet:
Choose our 6x4" Layflat Booklet to make your photo book quickly and easily.
Select 20+ of your favourite photos from an album of uploaded pictures.
Choose if you want a themed background or not and select autofill in the photos side tab.
Then finish with captions and a title on the front, spine and back cover. Done!
Book tip: Extra pages can only be added in sets of 8 (£1.99 per set) or try adding more photos to the existing pages with
To view our full range of book sizes, visit our photo books page.
Want to know more?
Find out more about making photo cards or about our service here.
11x8" custom cover photo book:
Make your photo books even quicker with our Pre-made photo book
option. This option automatically chooses the latest uploaded album
and pops it in our popular 11x8" book size.
You can change your mind on the book size in the book section and choose from a range of themes.
Or go back to the photos section to change the selection of photos.
The pre-made book option has used autofill to place your photos in a range of popular layouts.
For more personalisation options see our
Why not try adding more photos to one page and then pressing the shuffle icon to tidy them up?
Book tip: select this icon to make it easier to navigate through your pages and give quick view of your book.
Adding around 40 photos will keep you within the first 20 pages of the book. Adding any more and we'll ask you to add in some extra pages to hold them.
This time we'll go through some freestyler options, where you can place text and photos anywhere on the page...
Tilt photos and text boxes for a more fun arty layout!
If you want bigger text in your book, just click on the add text icon and resize the text box to choose from the bigger font options.
Use a photo as a background with this icon and then try layering photos on top.
Place the           photos wherever you want on the page or use the shuffle icon to arrange them for you.
Finally use our new Alignment Lines to ensure your photos are placed perfectly on your page.
You can also try layering text over each other.
Book tip: you can share your creation on facebook or by email
so family members and friends can edit your photo book as one project.
Add a gloss finish for a luxurious feel and a presentation box to give as
a gift! (Only available for hard custom cover books in 8x8”, 8x11”,11x8”,12x12").